DBSCAN algorithm Java implementation DBSCAN is a density based clustering algorithm, its basic principle is to give two parameters, zeta and MINP, where zeta can be understood as radius, the algorithm will find samples in this radius, MINP is a sample number n with the radius of zeta as the limit.


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Java implementation of DBSCAN algorithm

2013-11-28 03:55:37
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Family:''; font- Size:14px; line-height 22px; white- Space:normal; background-color #FFFFFF; The Java implementation of >DBSCAN algorithm is a DBSCAN based density clustering algorithm. Its basic principle is to give two parameters, zeta and MINP, where zeta can be interpreted as radius, and the algorithm will find samples in this radius. MINP is a limiting condition of n with the radius of zeta as the sample. The sample point is the core sample point as long as n>=minp is found.
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.classpath 301 B 26-10-13|22:00
.project 382 B 26-10-13|22:00
Org.eclipse.jdt . Core.prefs 598 B 26-10-13|22:00
Dbscan.class 2.94 kB 26-10-13|22:13
Point.class 1.75 kB 26-10-13|22:02
Utility.class 2.89 kB 26-10-13|22:08
Dbscan.java 1.90 kB 26-10-13|22:13
Point.java 960 B 26-10-13|22:02
Utility.java 2.15 kB 26-10-13|22:08
DBSCAN 0 B 26-10-13|22:09
DBSCAN 0 B 26-10-13|22:09
.settings 0 B 26-10-13|22:00
Bin 0 B 26-10-13|22:00
SRC 0 B 26-10-13|22:00
DBSCAN 0 B 26-10-13|22:00
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Zhong Peng Peng

I am doing a graduation project about the optimization of DBSCAN algorithm.

Coal briquette

The value of Emp is the biggest problem. I don't know how to determine an optimal E value.


Hope to help more people, good things to share points.


Good things to share, I hope more people can learn.


I will not use it. Where is the sample file???? Seek help


This is where I use it. I want to download it and learn it. I do VC++.


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Java implementation of DBSCAN algorithm (7.66 kB)

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